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Where to feel the hum

Pronouncing "n"

Pronouncing “n”


元芳, 你怎么看?

qna_Q 元芳, 你怎么看?

When I pronounce the “n” or the “ng,” where should I feel it humming?


qna_A 亲爱的狄老板,


You should feel the “n” humming in the bone at the front of the roof of your mouth where your tongue is touching.

  • own
  • bone
  •  —
  • tine
  • fine
  • line
  • man
  • can
  • tan
  • been
  • seen
  • ten
  • sun
  • bun
  • fun
When you pronounce the “ng,” you should feel it farther back at the top of your mouth, over your throat, where your tongue is touching.
  • song
  • gong
  • tong
  • sing
  • ring
  • king
  • sang


  • gang
  • sung
  • rung
  • hung

Please let me know how well these help, OK?


PS – The English “n” is important!


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