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Satisfactory Documents?



Hi Jane,

Are the provided docs satisfiable?
The company is VERY EAGER to get the cert.
If you need more info from the factory, please let me know, I’ll ask  from them asap.

Best Regards,


  1. Many Americans consider VERY EAGER rude because the capital letters make them feel you are pounding the table and shouting at Jane.
  2. Do not abbreviate — docs, cert, info — in business correspondence. It shows you are careless. Among loyal friends and relatives, however, abbreviations show we are including them in our special group.
  3. ASAP [NOT asap] = As Soon As Possible (“possible” implies delays from other duties which might take precedence)



Dear Jane,

Are the documents we sent you satisfactory?

The company is very eager to get the certificate.

If you need more information from the factory, please let me know, and I will ask them right away.

Best Regards,


  1. satisfactory
  2. In business correspondence, write out words in full:  documents, certificate, information.  Complete words show our clients we are handling their requests deliberately, carefully.  They see this attention to detail and feel the product or service we give them will be just as complete.
  3. “Right away” leaves no room for delays.  You will put aside everything else to make it happen.

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