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Special Baal robes

Special Baal robes

Jehu also had plans for Baal worshippers.

First he ordered up special robes for Baal worshippers. “How many do you need,” the tailors asked.

“As many as there are worshippers of Baal.”

He called a convention of Baal worshippers, and as they arrived at the Baal Temple, the master of the wardrobe handed each one a special identifying Baal robe.

“If you thought Ahab served Baal, you haven’t seen anything!” he told them. “Don’t let anybody in here who’s not a true worshipper of Baal, OK? Search the temple now, and send out anyone who is not true to Baal.”

Eighty assassins

Jehu then went into the Baal temple and offered a burnt offering. By now he was satisfied the temple held all the Baal worshippers and no one else, so he gave the word to the 80 assassins he had stationed on the Temple perimeter, and they killed everyone inside.

After the slaughter He went back in and burned up the pillar of Baal. Then he turned the temple of Baal into a latrine.

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