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Shuthelah and Elead and Beriah

MSG says Beriah means “unlucky” – Ephraim’s sons Shuthelah, Ezer, and Elead were cattle rustlers who died in a raid on Gath.  So when Ephraim had another son finally, he named him Beriah, or “unlucky.”




“Elijah! My father’s old trouble maker! Tell Captain Shuthelah to bring me that Tishbite!”

The first fifty

Fifty solders approached from Elijah’s right, marching five abreast. Captain Shuthelah called out from his lead spot in the leftmost file, “Companeeeee halt!”

Shuthelah and Elead were the sons of Ephraim whom the people of Gath killed for raiding their cattle. 1 Chronicles 7:21

Beriah is the son of Ephraim who succeeded them. He name means (bereaved?) _______?


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