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I have helped hundreds of students in America and Asia organize their resumes or CVs.

Resume – Architect

A resume must fit on one page or it goes to the bottom of the pile. This resume shows how ...
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Resume – Mathematician

By deleting extraneous material, I reduced this two-page resume to one page, thus keeping the interest of the reviewer. Then ...
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Resume – Mechanical Engineer

This attractive resume shows how to include all relevant detail within one clear page ...
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  • You have to aim it at each job target, one at a time.
  • General resumes don’t get general jobs. They don’t get anything.
  • For each job you go after, you need to tailor-write a new resume aimed squarely at that one job.
  • If your resume is contained in one page, someone will read it.
  • If it is on two pages, it will go to the bottom of the pile.
  • And since more resumes keep coming in, it will stay there a long time.

Collect the information you think should go into your resume.

  • Send it to me in any format.
  • I’ll organize it into the best resume for the job you need.
  • See my hourly rate here.

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