$40 per hour

For an exact bid:


Most documents require one hour for every 1,000 words. But because documents vary, I need to see yours. So email it to me, and I will bid you an exact price.

Prof Parks - English 1-on-1.Original Writing

Tell me below about the document you need. - Black on Bluebutton_1323610539-qq-com-x28

 Or use this form:

1. What kind of help do you need?

a. Edit a document I am sending in a separate email.b. Compose a new original document.

2. Objectives: What do you want the document to do for you?

3. Audience: Who will be reading this document?

4. Type: What kind of document is it?
websitebrochurepress releasebusiness letter or emailmemorandumresearch reportother

5. Title: What is the document's intended title?

6. Length: About how many words in the document?




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