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John the Baptist

  Matthew Mark Luke John
Birth Foretold     1:5-24 Angel to Zechariah  
Leap in womb     1:39-45  
Mary’s Song     1:46-56  
Birth     1:57-66  
Zechariah Prophecy     1:67-80  
Proclamation 3

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.


Isaiah 40(!)


The voice of one crying out in the wilderness:  Prepare the way of the Lord make his paths straight.


As written in Isaiah…

Sending my messenger…

Prepare the say…

3:1-20 1:19-28

Who are you?

I am not the Messiah

29 Behold the Lamb of God … the Son of God


Baptizes Jesus 3:13-17

You should be baptizing me, Lord.

1:9 Voice,

“You are my son…”


“my beloved…

Praises 11:7-19

If you will, He is Elijah.

Death   6:14 “John, whom I beheaded, is raised…” Herodias, head on a platter    
Transfiguration   9:2 Elijah, Moses, and Jesus “Rabbi, let’s just stay here…”    
Coming   9:9 Questions: 1. Elijah indeed coming first.

2. Son of man suffer? just as Elijah, yes.

Messages from 11:1

Are you the one? Or do we wait for another?


“Go tell John what you have seen…

Jesus about John     7:24 “What did you go out to see…?

31 To what will I compare …?

Jesus and John       3:22-4:3

“Jesus baptizing more than John

“My joy is fulfilled…

“So Jesus returns to Galilee


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