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College Credit Abroad

How to earn college credit while living in a foreign culture

Academia-300x2241. Talk to …

  • A professor who shows interest in cross-cultural learning.
  • Someone in the academic affairs office.
  • Learn what they call “cross-cultural learning” in your college. Cross-cultural learning goes by different names: Experiential learning, field experience, field studies, internships, externships, cross-cultural experience, cooperative education, etc.

2. Choose Your Learning Goals

Your institution gives credit not for the experience itself, but for what you learn from the experience. Talk with your professor about the 1) skills, 2) knowledge, and 3) attitudes that make up the learning goals of one or two courses that involve culture-crossing. Regarding these goals, your proposal needs to show how you will use your cross-cultural experience …

  • … to develop your ability to integrate and apply (said skills, knowledge, and attitudes).
  • … to deepen your  understanding of these (said skills, knowledge, and attitudes).

Helpful sites:

3. Describe Cross-cultural Competencies

To describe what you will learn from a cross-cultural experience, specify the cross-cultural competencies which the experience is designed to develop. These sites discuss competencies:

4. Follow Models, Guidelines, or Examples of learning experience proposals:


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