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Shadow Listening

A colleague who speaks a foreign language almost perfectly described his method: While listening to someone speak, repeat aloud what the speaker says. SHADOWING—A USEFUL TOOL Shadowing helps to improve fluency, increase speed and develop natural intonation. One of my good friends from Taiwan earned a translation degree in a university there, working toward a career in […]

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How to Develop a Good Accent

The Wrong Way “I’m a foreigner, so I will always have a foreign accent.” It’s not true, but I have found this idea discourages students. Do not follow the crowd. Just because many foreigners speak with thick tongues does not mean you have to. The Right Way The truth is, even if you did not start […]

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Show or Shoe?

表演 – 诺埃尔·科沃德 – 作曲家,小说家和电影导演 – 说,’演出必须继续下去’。 Noel Coward — composer, novelist and film director — said, ”The show must go on.” 鞋子 – 灰姑娘的姐姐 – 谁要嫁白马王子 – 说,“鞋必须继续下去。” Cinderella’s sisters — who wanted to marry Prince Charming — said, “The shoe must go on.” show 给看; 教; 展览; 节目 shoe 鞋 no 没有; 不; 无 new 新 […]

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Train vs. Tree

Train – Eight freight trains made the grade. Much trade goes by train. Train rhymes with: 飞 – 美 – 藣 – 给 – 北 – 忒 – 为 – 陪 – 内 – 类 – 谁 Tree – Eat free food from three trees. The dog treed the raccoon. Tree rhymes with: 比 – 第 – 一 – 几 – 米 – 你 – 里 – 皮 – 提

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Vocabulary by reading?

Q. How can I use reading to build my vocabulary? A. Besides being pure FUN, reading is a great way to build vocabulary. Here’s how: Note new words. Look up their definition and pronunciation. Write them on a flash card or on your list of new words. Compose a short story that uses all your new […]

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How do movies help?

A. Merely listening and watching seems to work best for most students. Paul, my good friend who runs a business in Shenzhen, is one of the best English speakers I know in China, but he has never been out of the country.  His secret?  He has listened to every episode of Friends at least four times. B. Turn the […]

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Plan vs. Plane

Plan, man, can, cat Say, “That fat man plans to stand under that hat.” Say, “The Cat in the Hat.” Plane, plain, play, main, mane, rain “play” sounds like “p类” “Plane” and “plain” sound like “p类n” “main” and “mane” sound like “妹n” Say, “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.” Say, “The children play near […]

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Pronouncing "n"

Where to feel the hum

元芳, 你怎么看? When I pronounce the “n” or the “ng,” where should I feel it humming? 狄老板 亲爱的狄老板,   You should feel the “n” humming in the bone at the front of the roof of your mouth where your tongue is touching. own bone  — tine fine line — man can tan — been seen ten — sun […]

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