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Archive | 27. The kingdom of heaven!

John the Baptist

  Matthew Mark Luke John Birth Foretold     1:5-24 Angel to Zechariah   Leap in womb     1:39-45   Mary’s Song     1:46-56   Birth     1:57-66   Zechariah Prophecy     1:67-80   Proclamation 3 Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.   Isaiah 40(!) Vs.3 The voice […]

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He saw

When Jesus surfaced, the sky opened! John saw the Holy Spirit flit down in the form of a dove and land right on Jesus with a voice in the sky announcing, “This is my beloved son who pleases me so!”[1]   [1] Or was the “he” who saw and heard all this Jesus? From John […]

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Camel’s hair

Camel’s hair “Camel’s hair?!” asked Elisheva. “What happened to good old goatskin?” Not Elijah? “I wouldn’t care what he wore, but why did he deny our boy?” Tirzah turned to her husband. “Jesus is telling everyone this boy John is Elijah. So why would John go and say he’s not?” Zadok offered, “I don’t know, […]

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