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Archive | 20. Royal blood in the street

Jehoshaphat – Rich

Ahab felt keenly aware of the wealth and power of Judah, his neighbor to the south. King Jehoshaphat had built a network of fortifications and storage cities to protect Judah. His 1,160,000-man army was a force no one in the area wanted to test. Instead, every year the Philistines brought him silver, and the Arabs […]

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Jehoshaphat – complicated person –

Perhaps I’ve dealt with him too severely in these stories. But no space to treat his life properly here. Maybe in another set of stories? Wait a minute “…my horses as your horses.” Maybe committing horses, chariots, troops…. this thought gave Jehoshaphat pause. Or he might have attended Sunday School as a child. “Maybe we should seek […]

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The tragedy of Ahab

add that when he bargained his life away, he could have killed Ben Hadad and still had everything Ben Hadad offered him.  Why, then, did he set him free? Sympathy? Weakness? No strong wife character at his elbow to prompt him? The tragedy of Ahab is that he refused to feel the touch of decent people like […]

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