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Archive | 16. Ahab wins a surprise victory

Kings’ Years From the death of Omri to the death of Joram was 36 years. Saul – 40 years David – 40 years Solomon – 40 years Jereboam – 22 years Nadab – 2 years Baasha – 24 years – Tirzah Elah – 2 years – Tirzah Zimri – 7 days – Tirzah Omri – 12 years – Tirzah […]

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The tragedy of Ahab

add that when he bargained his life away, he could have killed Ben Hadad and still had everything Ben Hadad offered him.  Why, then, did he set him free? Sympathy? Weakness? No strong wife character at his elbow to prompt him? The tragedy of Ahab is that he refused to feel the touch of decent people like […]

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Hadad helping me

In Chapter 20. “A brag too soon,” Benhadad says, “Hadad helping me, when I get done with you, there won’t be enough left of Samaria for each of my men to pick up a handful of dust.” It’s his way of saying, “God helping me.” He is talking about Hadad, the supreme diety of the […]

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