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Archive | 11. Hiking with Grandma

Elijah’s Family Members

big sister – Elisheva –  who read books. big sister – Miriam – who baby sat age 7 nights 2 kids, ages 2 & 3 fed, bathed, put to bed, made sure they stayed in bed cleaned the house and did the dishes Lived in Drayton Plains. Couple came and picked her up, took her to […]

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Tirzah was our capital

1 Kg 15:33 1 Kg 16:8, 15, 23 “Tirzah. Back there at Adam was the turn-off up to Tirzah in the hills. Did you know Tirzah was our capital until about six or seven years ago?” “My mom told me about Zimri burning down the palace citadel over his own head there,” replied Ira.[1] Beauty […]

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Ira grew from a suggestion by a forgotten writer of long ago, maybe Eastern Orthodox, that the widow’s son in Zarephath was Elijah’s servant. As Elijah and Ira were hiding in Rehov, the little guy started developing personality and attitude. Then he just kept on growing. He became such a person in his own right […]

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