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Business Email Salutations

Q What is the proper form of address in a business email?

  1. Hi Henry?
  2. Hello Henry?
  3. Dear Henry?

A The proper form is, “Dear Henry,”

  1. When we email quick, informal messages to friends, “Hi” or “Hello” is proper.
  2. A business email, however, needs the same formality as a business letter — “Dear.”
  1. Don’t be concerned about the intimate tone of “Dear” as lovers use it. In business correspondence, “Dear” loses its “lover” tone just like 亲爱的 does.
  2. “Dear” is the standard form of address in written business correspondence. In person, or on the phone, however, your form of address will depend on your relationship. For instance, don’t say “Dear Henry” on the phone or face-to-face.


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