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Ben-hadad threatens the Torah

—In Rabbinical Literature:

When Ben-hadad demanded that Ahab should surrender, in addition to his gold, silver, wives, and children, also (“whatsoever is pleasant in thine eyes”) (I Kings xx. 6), the haggadists affirm that he meant by this expression the sacred scroll of the Torah, which the Syrian king wanted to take away from Ahab. Although a sinful king, Ahab would not be responsible for such an act, but convoked the elders, who advised him to refuse compliance with the wish of Ben-hadad. As a reward for thus honoring the Torah, it was granted to Ahab to reign for twenty-two years (as the Torah is written with an alphabet of twenty-two letters) and to conquer Ben-hadad (Tan., Shemot, 29; ed. Buber, 26; Ex. R. iii. 8; Sanh. 102b).

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