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Jezebel’s seal   Four paleo-Hebrew letters—two just below the winged sun disk at center, two at bottom left and right—spell out the name YZBL, or Jezebel, on this seal. The Phoenician design, the dating of the seal to the ninth or early eighth century B.C.E. and, of course, the name, have led scholars to speculate that […]

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Special Baal robes

Special Baal robes Jehu also had plans for Baal worshippers. First he ordered up special robes for Baal worshippers. “How many do you need,” the tailors asked. “As many as there are worshippers of Baal.” He called a convention of Baal worshippers, and as they arrived at the Baal Temple, the master of the wardrobe […]

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Ben-hadad threatens the Torah

—In Rabbinical Literature: When Ben-hadad demanded that Ahab should surrender, in addition to his gold, silver, wives, and children, also (“whatsoever is pleasant in thine eyes”) (I Kings xx. 6), the haggadists affirm that he meant by this expression the sacred scroll of the Torah, which the Syrian king wanted to take away from Ahab. […]

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