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Application Essay

How will opportunities at California Institute of Technology support your interests, both in and out of the classroom?

(Respond in 100 words or fewer.)



When I attended the 2013 Design Competition, I got the opportunity to know about California Institute of Technology which is well-known for its strong major in engineering. Dreaming of dedicate myself to the career of mathematics, computer science and engineering major, I believe that the renowned professors, outstanding laboratory facilities and distinguished educational atmosphere in Cal Tech  could support my interest in future career choice. As a registered volunteer, I am enthusiastic in helping others and trying my best to make a difference in my society. I regard International Awarness Week held by International Student and Scholar Office as an excellent opportunity for me to enhance the relationship between international students and local community. Furthermore, I have watched NBA games since 2004 and love the feeling of playing in the court. When I could sit in California Institute of Technology Arena and watch a game of Cal Tech team, I will feel very relaxed and happy.



While my team was displaying in the 2013 Design Competition, I noticed Cal Tech’s strong engineering major. The university’s renowned professors, outstanding laboratories and distinguished atmosphere would help me realize my dream of a career in mathematics, computer science, and engineering.

I have served as a registered volunteer since 2012. During International Awareness Week I propose helping international students get involved in local community activities, so students far from home can feel less nervous or lonely.

I’m a regular fan of NBA and Big Ten basketball and would love rooting for our team in the Cal Tech Arena.

Note:  To protect this student’s identity, I replaced the original university name with “California Institute of Technology.”


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