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Questionnaire – Chinese

Achieve-224x170Achieving Through Difficulty

This typical university admissions questionnaire shows how we translate from Chinese into English.




  • 他们经常用适应能力强,善良,阳光,幽默,勇于接受挑战等语句描述我。

 你遇到的最大的困境是什么?(请举一个你处理难题的例子。/ 你遇到的最大的挑战是什么?你当时采取了什么措施?)

  • 2010—2012年,我曾连续三年担任全校义卖活动的班级负责人,负责从工作人员安排到商品定价、收入统计等一系列工作。在活动进行中,遇到很大困难。
  • 第一次担任负责人时,我没有太多经验,对如何做义卖活动也几乎一无所知。但当同学们推选我做负责人时,我决定接受这次挑战。
  • 在活动中,我逐渐建立了信心,不但锻炼了领导、组织、交流和团队合作能力,而且将个人之前自学的经济学知识应用到实际工作中,取得很好的效果。
  • 比如很多同学捐赠的物品,不适宜用作义卖,即使成功售出,价格也很低。最后我采取宣传加恳求的办法,成功将捐赠物品高价卖给希望在活动中有所贡献的师长,保证了活动的圆满成功。
  • 第二次担任负责人时,通过总结经验教训,我在活动前设定了可接受的捐赠品名单,这使得义卖活动进展顺利。第三次,我进一步组织同学对捐赠品进行包装、制作幻灯片展示、装饰义卖会场等等,通过这些措施,义卖活动更加成功圆满。


  • 连续三年担任全校义卖活动的班级负责人,不但锻炼了自己的能力,受到老师同学的肯定,而且奉献了爱心,帮助了别人。



If I asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?

  • They would say I like to fit in, that I’m kind and optimistic. Also that I can laugh at a good joke and face up to my challenges.

A big difficulty: Please give an example of how you dealt with a problem. Describe the challenge and exactly how you overcame it.

  • Three years in a row I headed up our class charity sale (2010-2012). I recruited workers, set prices, and kept track of our earnings. Each year, all our hard work paid off with a large contribution to charity.
  • I had no experience and knew nothing about how to do a charity sale. But when my classmates showed such confidence in me, it gave me the heart to do the job.
  • After we got started, my own confidence increased little by little. The job taught me how to lead and organize. I found how important it is to keep everybody in touch and with a job to do. And it was fun to put into practice a few of the things we had been studying about economics.
  • My first time up to bat, too many donated items just did not look good enough to bring much of a price. I had to resort to propaganda and pleading to get teachers to pay good prices.
  • My second shot at the job, I set a list of acceptable donations, and this got us off to a much better start. My third around, I set up teams which put donations in attractive packaging, to create a slide show, and to decorate our venue. It was a grand success!

What is your greatest achievement?

  • No doubt about it — leading our class charity sale for three consecutive years taught me skills, brought me praise, and helped needy people.

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