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Oceanus in Guangxi


林中千川 Oceanus

Please welcome 林中千川, “Forest of a Thousand Streams.”  His English name is Oceanus —  “All the rivers go down to the sea…” (Ecclesiastes).

Oceanus joined us in LiuZhou of Guangxi Province in China on 2012 Nov 2 as the son of Lucy and — his daddy was our student in Chongqing and carries an English name just as interesting as his son’s — Narcissus. He says this little duffer across the Pacific will be calling me Gramps (爷爷).

I asked Narcissus why he named his son with 4 characters.

  • 林 Lin – Is the family name handed down from the Shang Dynasty. Oceanus is 156th in the imperial line.
  • 中 Zhong – is Narcissus’ clan within the imperial line.
  • 千川 Qian Chuan – In China, this is the Year of the Dragon, and 千川 relates to any respectable dragon habitat — river and sea.  林中千川 pictures dragons sailing along thousands of rivers in the forest.
    Moreover, Oceanus’ birthplace, LiuZhou City, is called “Dragon City.”  In Narcissus’ words, 林中千川:森林中有成千上万的川流。千川也是龙的名字。成千上万的川流在森林中流淌,就像很多龙乘着川流水在飞行。

High and dry for his first weigh-in, Oceanus tipped the scales at 2800 grams or 6.17294 lbs.

Isn’t he just the most beautiful baby!!

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